CLR cleaning solution

A question from Gerald: Is the CLR cleaning solution that you recommend for use with the Aqua Chi toxic? Also, can I re-use it?

Firstly, CLR is absolutely safe to use and is defined as a non-toxic product by the EPA. Most people are surprised by this, thinking that an effective cleaning product must be toxic.

But, not so. The main active ingredient in CLR is lactic acid (something that your own body produces). Here are a couple of links to visit to educate yourself regarding CLR. The first link provides some interest specifics about CLR, and the second link contains some excellent guidance about how to use CLR (for a lot of different things).

And now, for the second question: Can I re-use CLR?

The answer is an emphatic yes! Our best recommendation is to fill a container (large enough to submerse your module in) with CLR. Use a container that can close tightly (plastic is best). After each session, soak your module in the CLR for at least 30 minutes. Then, rinse the module and cover the CLR solution until you need to use it again. Top off the solution as needed. You can expect many months of use from a single batch of CLR.


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